Become a certified NLT Practitioner

Turbo-charge your coaching results, and your income, with Neuro Linguistic TappingTM

Your clients will have bigger breakthroughs, meaning you can confidently charge more for your coaching services.

NLT integrates:

- Belief-changing techniques from NLP

- Emotional-release from tapping/EFT

- Mindset-reprogramming from Timeline therapy

Being a virtual training, it will be open to coaches from around the world. However, numbers will be limited in order to keep the training quality high.

Who is this certification training for?

This NLT certification training is designed specifically for:

- coaches / life coaches

- business coaches

- executive coaches

- performance coaches

- NLP practitioners

- tapping practitioners

- therapists/healers

- counsellors

There is no requirement to have any prior knowledge of NLP, Tapping or Timeline to attend this training. 

What client issues will NLT help me to resolve?

NLT is very effective at permanently resolving issues such as:

- imposter syndrome

- self-limiting beliefs (e.g. I'm not good enough)

- fear of failure

- mental blocks

- fears, anxieties & phobias

- perfectionism

- procrastination 

- patterns of self-sabotage

- unlocking creativity and subconscious resources

What will learning NLT do for my income as a coach?

The bigger the breakthroughs you can deliver, the more clients are willing to pay for it.

This is particularly true if you are selling your coaching services to businesses or to businesspeople.  The cost of your services will be a small fraction of the financial gain that your NLT sessions will enable them to achieve.

NLT will equip you with a collection of powerful techniques which the great majority of coaches don't offer.

This will differentiate you from your competition, and will enable you to justifiably increase your current prices by at least 20% to 30%.

What are the benefits of becoming certified in NLT?

Becoming certified in NLT will enable you to:

- Produce breakthrough results on a regular basis

- Charge more for your sessions/increase your daily rate

- Differentiate yourself from other coaches

- Build your reputation as a 'go to' coach 

- Feel the inner confidence that you can help anyone

- Become incredibly effective face to face or virtually

- Spend less effort and energy to achieve bigger results

- Avoid the huge cost in time & money of NLP certification

- Learn a robust system which produces immediate results

Spaces in this training will be limited, 

so sign up below to be kept updated with the latest announcements.

Your Trainer - Tim Robins

Creator of Neuro Linguistic Tapping™

Tim has built thriving and financially successful coaching businesses both in Asia and the UK.

Over the past 15 years, he's helped more than 8000 individuals to break through fears and discover unstoppable confidence.

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