NLP, EFT & Timeline =

Accelerated Personal Growth


Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) can be thought of as the ‘study of human experience’. NLP explores the ways in which we internally represent the experience of our lives.

NLP recognises that it’s our own re-presentation of the world, our own ‘internal map’ of the external world, that determines how we think, feel and behave.

It’s not the external world itself that determines how we feel, rather it’s our internal re-presentation of it that we experience.

By focusing on the underlying structure of our internal map,  it’s possible to ‘re-programme’ outdated beliefs, or stressful emotional reactions, within just a matter of minutes of applying some NLP techniques.

Let’s go a bit deeper…

In approaches such as counselling or psychotherapy, the focus is often on exploring why you feel how you do.

NLP isn’t interested in exploring why you have issues that you’d like to change.

Instead it focuses on how you are using your mind to unknowingly create such problems in the first place.

With NLP, change is created by replacing outdated internal representations with new, more empowering, internal representations. These changes are swift, painless and long lasting.

NLP encourages client independence from the NLP practitioner. The more that a client discovers their internal resources, the more truly independent he or she becomes. The goal is to be a self-actualising individual.

The goal is to become a self-actualising individual. Someone able to deal with whatever life brings their way. Someone who lives a life of extra-ordinary passion and fulfilment.


Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is also know as meridian tapping, or just ‘tapping’.

Think of it as an emotional version of acupuncture, only without needles.

People around the world have been experiencing life changing break-throughs using EFT tapping for more than 25 years.

EFT is based upon the same ancient healing wisdom as acupuncture. The lines you can see on an acupuncture manakin are known as the meridians.

The meridians are the energetic pathways through which emotional energy travels.

EFT involves tapping your fingertips on specific meridian points around your face and body. In order for tapping to work, you must be feeling the unwanted emotional stress that you want to release while you tap.

Do it correctly and you will be amazed at how quickly unwanted emotions will simply disappear.

The EFT tapping technique is simple enough for a child to learn, yet powerful enough to resolve emotional issues that were resistant to other psychological approaches.


The concept was originally developed by NLP trainer Tad James, in the 1980’s. Timeline involves visualising your life along a ‘line of time’, stretching all the way back to your birth, and all the way forwards out into your future.

Tad James promotes a version of timeline which is done internally within the mind, visualising while seated in a chair. Alternatively, your timeline can be represented on the floor and explored physically.

Having used Timeline with thousands of people, my experience is that a physical timeline is far more powerful when it comes to making positive changes within your mind.


Combining NLP, Tapping & Timeline

“You can achieve more positive changes in one hour of tapping, than in six months of counselling.”

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